Production company: Hologram Film

Producer: Zsuzsi Gyurin
Director: Balázs Dudás
DOP: AndrásTáborosi
Editor: Máté Szórád
Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Date: 2021 / Hungary, Budapest

Online commercial color grading for a Romanian clothing company Kidlet.

Produced by: Picture Lock

Director: Barna László

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2020


Csángáló, the world-famous gypsy violist of the Szászcsávás Band, lives in a remote Transylvanian village. One day the old master’s “breadwinner hand” starts shaking uncontrollably. He is suffering in Parkinson disease. A musician who drops the bow has no place in the band, thus Csángáló is expelled by his old friend, the band leader Dumnezeu.

Surgery may cure his disease, but in Csángáló’s archaic world, help can only come from God, there is no place for brain surgery.

His last hope is that Bálint, his equally talented grandson, would carry on the musical tradition, which is unique in the world. When everything seems to be lost, a miracle could only come from the hands of God…

Director: László Barna

Producer: Ágnes Sós

Editor: Szabolcs Kővári , András Petróczy

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Client: Picture Lock

Music: Tibor Cári

Skating: Zselyke Aletta Kenéz

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2019

Alone, Eva Fahidi returned home to Hungary after WWII. At 20 years of age, she had survived Auschwitz Birkenau, while 49 members of her family were murdered, including her mother, father, and little sister.

Today, at age 90, Eva is asked to participate in a dance theatre performance about her life’s journey. This would be her first experience performing on a stage. Reka, the director, imagines a duet between Eva and a young, internationally acclaimed dancer, Emese. Reka wants to see these two women, young and old, interact on stage, to see how their bodies, and stories, can intertwine. Eva agrees immediately.

Three women – three months – a story of crossing boundaries. Whilst the extraordinary moments of Eva’s life is distilled into theater scenes, a truly wonderful and powerful relationship forms among the three women.

Client: Campfilm

Director: Réka Szabó

Cast: Réka Szabó, Éva Fahidi, Emese Cuhorka

Producer: Réka Szabó, Sára László , Marcell Gerő

DOP: Claudia Kovács

Sound: Rudolf Várhegyi

Editor: Gadmer Sylvie , Péter Sass

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Music: Balázs Barna

Year: 2019

Color Grading by György Szitár-Csanádi

Years: 2012-2018

Agency: Subkult Production

Director: Szilárd Bernáth

DOP: Evelin Judit Tóth

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2018

Color graded commercial for the online recruiting platform Talentuno.

Production company: Mindwax

Year: 2018

Director: Hanna Csata

Cinematographer: Judit Evelin Tóth

Editor: Szabolcs Kővári

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Agency: Avantgarde Public Relations Ltd.

Created: 2018

A TV film about the imaginary debate between Jean Calvin and Ignatius of Loyola.  The film was shot for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Cast: Szabó Máté, Lux Ádám, Quintus Konrád, Fésűs Nelly, Nagy Natália Nati, Árpa Attila, Orosz Csenge, Janik László, Gerdesits Ferenc, Koncz Gábor, Benkő-Morvai Veronika és sokan mások.

Director: Pozsgai Zsolt

DOP: Kovács Claudia,

Production designer: Húros Dóri

Lighting: Bendiner Zoltán

Audio: Novák Béla

Editor: Pálfalvi Réka

Production Manager: Mercel Attila

Colorist: Szitár-Csanádi György

Year: 2018

We color graded a 30 sec commercial and auxiliary online videos for the Hungarian campaign.

Agency: McCann

Year: 2018

In cooperation with Aperti Film, we produce a video series about the Hungarian Castles. The main goal is to introduce the Hungarian castles one by one but in a short entertaining way.

Aperti Film is an online video channel with a goal to produce high-quality entertaining videos about Hungary.  We created and produced their corporate identity items as well as their introduction video for Youtube.

Synopsis: “An introverted man creates a pillow friend in his hotel room to ease his loneliness but this new friendship is short-lived when the maid makes the bedding again and again…”
Running time: 11’30”
Genre: Drama / Comedy / Fantasy

Written and directed by: Vácz Péter
Cast: Derzsi Dezső, Sándor Anna
Cinematographer: F. Tóth Márton
Camera assistant: Farkas Zoltán, Bántó Csaba, Keresztes Ábel Hunor, Ürmösi Levente Mihály
Editor: Balla Gábor
Colorist: Szitár-Csanádi György
Sound engineer: Dóczy Áron, Plájás Ildikó Zonga
Sound postproduction: Markos Levente, Várhegyi Rudolf
Consultant: Hartung Attila
Production manager: Szemet Luca
Assitant director: Búzási Gyopár-Orsolya
Producer: Zágoni Bálint

We created a complete video package for Viktor Versitz personal trainer. He and his coworker are using the home environment for exercising. The video package consisted of 130 videos for multiple difficulty levels.

Year: 2018

Details: www.versitzviktor.com

The Centrál Theatre introduces
Peter Shaffer: Black Comedy
burlesque in one act.

Translated: György Baráthy


Brindsley Miller … Zoltán Schmied
Carol Melkett … Patrícia Kovács
Melkett ezredes … Péter Blaskó
Miss Furnival … Lia Pokorny / Gabi Borbás
Harold Gorringe … Kornél Simon
Clea … Claudia Liptai
Schuppanzigh … János Papp
Georg Bamberger … Péter Vári-Kovács

Band – The Beatles:

László Dobos
György Hoffmann
Kornél Simon
Péter Vári-Kovács

Dramaturgist: György Baráthy
Stage designer: Balázs Horesnyi , Nelli Pallós
Costume designer: Ildikó Andó , Diana Marton
Coreografpher: Csaba Méhes
Music director: Zsigmond Lázár
Assistant director: Katalin Hollósi

Director: Puskás Tamás

Year: 2012

When the empire collapses in a blink of an eye, it is not just the oppression that disappears, but also the rules of safety.

Director: Júlia Halász, Anna Rubi

Fényképezte: Péter Böszörményi, Krisztián Tajti

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Genre: shortfilm

Playtime: 13 min

Year: 2016

Director: Máté Vincze Artur

Genre: documentary

Run time: 26 min

Year: 2016

Director: Szonja Szabó

DOP: Dániel Szőke

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2015


Under the ice is about a strange relationship between Lilla and Bence, in which sexuality plays a major role. However, one day Lilla cheats on Bence, but he forgives her mistake.

Director: László Barna

DOP: Szabolcs Kővári

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi


This video clip was a marketing video for the Hungarian HBO series Aranyélet (Golden life).

Directed: Péter Varsics

DOP: Dániel Szőke

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2015


The song “Tomorrow” is about the unknown future and uncertainty, and also that little glimmer of hope. Sometimes you have to let go of things – even if it hurts – in order to let new things into your life.

starring: Bálint BÁN, Noémi BRÁZ

director/editor/concept: Péter VARSICS
director of photography: Dániel SZŐKE
producer: Gergely ÁLMOS
production manager: Annamária LIGOSZTÁJEVA

assistant camera: Tamás BLAHA

costume designer: Zsófia TÖRÖK
make-up: Barbara KUND
SFX: Norbert OROSZ

colorist: György SZITÁR-CSANÁDI
sound effects: Alex HUNYADI


Kati one day wakes up without a mirror reflection. Her comfortable and private life turns upside-down. While she is trying to cope with her unusual situation, a mysterious man emerges and grabs her full attention.

Director: Attila Kovács Gábor

Operatőr: Judit Evelin Tóth

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi


A short film about a rock band, snow, and love in a villa in the countryside.

Director: Szabó Szonja

DOP: Szőke Dániel

Colorist: Szitár-Csanádi György

Year: 2014


A boy gets into a moral dilemma because of his hysterical jealousy. Is there a way out from the unstoppable desire, volition, foggy imagination and lies?

Director: Dániel Vízkeleti

DOP: Dániel Kóródi

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2012

A short film about two boys who get a summer job at a boathouse. Tomi believes in labor, while Cink continues his habits.

Written and directed: Áron Szentpéteri

DOP: Zágon Nagy

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2014


The film is about a cab driver’s night when the Venus passes by.

Director: Zsanett Milojev Mojzes

DOP: Betty Mayer

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2013

Two mothers are struggling in prison to become better being and regain the trust of their children with the help of the tales-therapy.

Director: Noémi Veronika Szakonyi

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Genre: documentary

Playtime: 25 min

Year: 2015

Director: Kati Mészáros
DOP: Daniel Kóródi , Kati Mészáros
Producer: Ádám Bentabet
Lighting director: Kristóf Pethő
Production manager: Gábor Osváth
Unit manager: István Szabó
Assistant director: Gyöngyi Szabó
Assistant camera: László Halasi, Péter Juhász
Costume: Éva Huszanyik
Make-up: Ági Rikk
Color grading at: Positive Post Production
Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2013

Let the colors of Pikkpack show you around town! Mix your personal style here: pikkpack.com
Do you like cycling? Are you into DIY? Do you travel a lot? These DIY fun leather shoes are perfect for any occasion!

Music: Kristóf Scholtz, Gergő Králik
Director of Photography: Dániel Szőke
Director: Nikol Cibulya
Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi
Lighting technician: Balázs Tóth Varjú
Editor: Attila Somos

Gondolatolvasó is a novel written by Noémi Szécsi. The publishers made a book trailer for the release date.

DOP: Dániel Szőke

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2013


DOP: Dániel Szőke

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Year: 2014

This image video from Budapest100 is inviting us to the world of two parkour artists, who are jumping and running on the rooftops of Budapest.

Cinematographer: Dániel Szőke

Colorist: György Szitár-Csanádi

Info: budapest100.hu

Year: 2013

Hungaro Invest Ltd. is designing and building a heat recovery industrial water-tube boilers.

Our task was to produce a video introducing the main steps of boiler construction. The graphical elements of this industrial video were designed in harmony with the company’s corporate identity regulations and it was released in three (English, Russian, Hungarian) languages.

Year: 2013