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mïus – Tomorrow
Color graded video clip

mïus – Tomorrow

Color graded video clip

The song “Tomorrow” is about the unknown future and uncertainty, and also that little glimmer of hope. Sometimes you have to let go of things – even if it hurts – in order to let new things into your life.

starring: Bálint BÁN, Noémi BRÁZ

director/editor/concept: Péter VARSICS
director of photography: Dániel SZŐKE
producer: Gergely ÁLMOS
production manager: Annamária LIGOSZTÁJEVA

assistant camera: Tamás BLAHA

costume designer: Zsófia TÖRÖK
make-up: Barbara KUND
SFX: Norbert OROSZ

colorist: György SZITÁR-CSANÁDI
sound effects: Alex HUNYADI


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